Features of the transition to the type of hosting VPS / VDS

Features of the transition to the type of hosting VPS / VDS

Hosting provider from the company FastVPS offers customers a very cheap rent physical and virtual servers, as well as a number of other services:

  • It provides a special safety certificate;
  • Keep your backup files;
  • Constantly scans the available equipment;
  • It has a number of available domain names;
Even back in 2006 the young company FastVPS entered the Russian market, from the time they got three data centers.

The main data center from the outset was in Estonia And the rest are located in Germany , USA and Russia . They collaborate with a major German provider, it helps them to implement various projects, the complexity of which is incredibly large.

Key features and capabilities of the company:

  1. First of all, the company guarantees you a high speed when working with any load;
  2. If your problem is included in the scope of the rules, you can apply to the continually active. support;
  3. Issued a unique, dedicated specifically to your ip-address;
  4. They have no restrictions on the number of possible domains;
  5. For storage servers are used solely from the solid state material;
  6. It is possible to select the operating system location where the server will be connected in a network, virtualization;
  7. Under certain conditions, you can get free, the function to automatically create backups;
  8. Also, there are several possible control panels with different interfaces;
  9. Present billing office;

Among the features there is a point of choosing an operating system for your server. The question arises, what to choose better Windows or Linux?

Below I will try to look into the matter.

Of course, if you are a person who has created several projects, then you already have an opinion, which OS is best suited to you. However, if a person new to this issue, and he had the idea to create something, to choose the operating system is best immediately.

Professionals are advised to choose a company-host that can provide you with the necessary technology, not only today but also in the future. Will this company has the necessary technology for you when you want to do something new, and maybe even crazy?

That is the question asked by the real masters. Company FastVPS also it was concerned about it, so finished off the opportunity to rent virtual servers, which work equally well with the operating system Windows and Linux OS .

On the Linux operating system the company has paid special attention to, so with the help of special self superstructure, which is called Fast Cloud System OpenVZ technology has been refined. This allowed users to use Linux with greater speed and comfort.

FastVPS created a very flexible system of tariffs, because of this, you can choose the desired level of performance at the moment, and if it be necessary to change it, you can do it instantly. Moreover, such a change will not stop the work performance of your server.

The choice between the VPS / VDS and Dedicated

We the owners of the resource due to various reasons may want to buy a physical server, which will belong only to us. Sometimes we need to get something that will not depend on virtualization. I know many people have that for their project did not fit the virtualization system, it simply was not compatible with the software.

Because of such situations, the user needs at the stage of selecting host, to see whether there is in addition to the rental services VPS/VDS , The opportunity to buy not too expensive, dedicated specifically for your server. And it is also important to make sure that your server will be in a safe place.

Which is better, a long and tedious wait for the response of those. support or a quick and friendly response?

If you look at reviews hosters companies, you can see a huge number of angry responses in the side of those. support. It is clear that no one wants to wait for an answer to his question a few hours, and all because of money. Most hosts severely cutting back on hiring experts in those. support. They advertise their services spending a lot of money, hoping to attract more customers.

When advertising works and many people are starting to use the site, it is natural that some will face problems because of the economies of those. the support they have to wait for several hours to answer your request. the problem does not go away With the growth of the company, and it only gets worse.

Some companies are proud to say that their experts respond to requests within hours. I can say that the company FastVPS Help Desk fastest of all. The answer to the question in average takes half an hour there. I want to say that this is only an average, and often the answer comes much faster. Even specifically for viewing the response time it was created a widget on their home page.

So what FastVPS can offer us a simple user as a result of:

  • Backup that works automatically.
  • Fast customer support, is absolutely free and around the clock.
  • Everything you may need for any technology platform.
  • FastPanel – convenient control panel to get, which can be free
  • Very kind and prompt those. support on the market
  • Changing the tariff without interrupting the operation of the site.

From my experience, I can say that this company is the best for all hosts.

I must share with you this site, because people who want to host your website should know about it.

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