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Don’t you wish there was an easy way to play your MP3 files on your Mac independently from iTunes? Create a temporary playlist with just a couple of clicks? Wish granted! Check out our Simple MP3 Player! This app does exactly what its name says – it plays your MP3 files, and it’s really easy to use! The new design features controls just like the ones on a hand-held MP3 player: Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast-forward. You can also adjust the volume, or skip to the exact spot in the track you are looking for. The player will also display the name of the track currently playing and show you the list of your tracks. You can add new files to that list any time. Or, you can Clone the player and create a whole new playlist on the player #2! You can use both players together or separately. In addition to MP3 files, Simple MP3 Player supports the following formats: m4a, wav, aiff, caf, mp4, mp2, mp1, aac, au, m4r. Drag Drop your audio files into the app, choose a play mode (In order, Loop or Shuffle) and hit Play! It really is that easy. Download it today! For more information, see our Introduction slides. And don’t forget to check out our video tutorial on

“This takes up little space on the screen, it works great, it was what I wanted, I love it! ” from United States

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Updated 24 September 2019
Requires Windows XP,7, 8, 10
Languages English
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Price $3.99
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