Subliminal Messages Generator Silentideas 4.0

The same techniques widely used by marketers to persuade you can now be put to work for you. You can use subliminal messages to help you acquire new healthy habits and attitudes and increase your overall productivity. All this is done while you work, study or have fun in front of your computer.

SilentIdeas is a program that lets you create subliminal messages to be shown in your computer screen. While you are using your computer, messages of your free choice will flash through the screen and suggest you according to your interests. You’ll be able to create text or image messages to be flashed at regular tiny intervals, the same way these messages are used on television commercials. In this new version, SilentIdeas lets you even use sounds in a subliminal sense as they can be played backwards.

In this 4.0 version, besides new features for self-help, such as new forms of messages and the introduction of the possibility to use sounds on subliminal sense, SilentIdeas also allows educational use for foreign language students. Basically, SilentIdeas now has two new features to enhance your memorization of knowledge: association games and tests.

The traditional crossword puzzle is already well known for its power to increase the vocabulary of its practitioners . In SilentIdeas, foreign language students can play crossword where tips are given in one language and the words must be entered in another . Thus, habitually practicing this game, the student will gradually increase his vocabulary while having fun.

Besides crossword games, the foreign language student can also practice with tests of type ‘complete the sentence’ where a sentence is presented in a language lacking a word and the translation of the sentence is shown in another language . After filling in the blanks with the words that complete the sentences , he can check the right answers and how many were answered correctly.

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Updated 04 March 2014
Requires Windows WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, WinVista
Languages English
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