Quick Icons

6 apps in one easy-to-use app

Quick Icons combines 6 apps in one easy-to-use app:
1. App Icons Creator,
2. App Launch Images Creator,
3. Creative Overlays Library,
4. Asset Catalog Creator,
– “Great app! I’ve used it to make lots of icons with my lots of images. It’s a creative app! ”-david spadilla from United Kingdom
– “A really good tool to make your own icons quickly and easily.” – by johannesbue from Germany

Just a few clicks and you are done! Select a name for the newly created icons and choose the location where you want to save them. Click save and Quick Icons will do the rest for you! There are no minimal or maximum resolution requirements for the image you drop in the app. After the creation process is done, the app takes you to the icon location. EMBEDDED COMPRESSION
Use a lot less space for your icons in the app assets, on the hard drive, and reduce the size of the app installer! There is no need for an extra tool to compress your icons and launch images afterwards because the “Quick Icons” is the first icon creation app with its own embedded compressor. The compression can potentially save over 60% space, diminishing image quality only slightly. CREATIVE OVERLAYS
Apply visual effects and final touches to the icons. APP ASSETS CREATION
“Quick Icons” creates a full set of icons and launch images you’ll need to make an app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. SUPPORTTED PLATFORMS AND FORMATS FOR ICONS
– iOS and watchOS (standard retina png-files),
– macOS (.icns and iconset standard retina),
– And other mobile desktop platforms. SUPPORTTED PLATFORMS FOR LAUNCH IMAGES SCREENS
– iOS and other mobile platforms. WEB ICONS CREATION
– Classical favicon.ico (48×48),
– Touch icons for all mobile platforms,
– Favicons (png-files). APP IN ACTION
You can watch the video about how the “Quick Icons” app works: www.neonway.org/video19

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Updated 30 September 2018
Requires Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Languages English
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Price $7.99
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