Photo GUN

The Secret Weapon for All Your Photo Processing Needs!

The Secret Weapon for All Your Photo Processing Needs! No more time consuming, repetitive work! Simply drag and drop a picture, a hundred or thousands of photos, to the drop-window and select operations you want to apply to them. With a click of the “Save Results” button all processed photo-files are stored in a separate output folder. You can perform the following operations:
– Resize photos to make them more suitable for emails, blogs, websites, social networks, your personal use or for your business;
– Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation to enhance the light and color balance;
– Add professional touches to your photos and apply “Vignetting”, a creative effect, to draw attention to the center of the frame;
– Add watermark to prevent unauthorized use and/or copyright text or company logo with a customizable transparency level and other parameters. We hope you will have as much fun using PhotoGUN as we had creating it for you! WHAT USERS SAY
“After a couple days of using PhotoGun I cannot imagine processing multiple images without it. In the past, I wasted hours upon hours adjusting image files one-by-one. If I had PhotoGun a few years ago I probably wouldn’t need to wear a wrist brace for carpel tunnel syndrome today. Thank you, Neonway, for creating such a useful utility.” Tommy Zai from Chandler

“I absolutely love this photo gun!!! So easy to upload your photos and add your watermark to.” By robin

“I’ve wasted a lot of time masking photos in bw for 3d rendering. After I fiddled with the workflow a little bit, I was able generate bw masks for 120 photos taken in front of a green screen in like 5 minutes. Thanks! I also plan to use it for adjusting contrast (for better textures) and size (for thumbnails on my website). Thanks!!!!!” By Shinydisco

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Updated 16 October 2020
Requires Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Languages English
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