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Over 80% of PNG data can be reduced

The main purpose of the “mini PNG” tool is to decrease the size of PNG images to save you a lot of space. Use this tool to compress your PNG files, so that they take up a lot less space in your apps, on your websites, in your emails, on your USB drives, etc. “mini PNG” Features:
– The strongest PNG Lossy Compression algorithm available. Over 80% of PNG data can be reduced. – Drag Drop PNG images and folders into the app window. Use as many as you want! – An option to preserve the original structure of files and folders, as well as copying images, texts and other non-PNG files. – You can preview all dropped PNG files before and after compression using the embedded viewer. – During the compression process, the tool displays the amount of space saved, the number of files and other useful information. – Batch conversion support. – Compression of high resolution images. – A special optimization path for grayscale images. – You can change the destination for your compressed PNG files. – After the comression is complete, the tool notifies you and displays the destination folder. – And much more. QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact us using the support link located on this page.

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Updated 3 November 2018
Requires Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Languages English
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Price $9.99
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