Master of Tactics

4X Turn Based Strategy Game

Master of Tactics is a new 4X Space Turn Based Strategy Game. It has a tactical combat system making the game heavy on strategy with a deep technology tree. It is also light on micro management! Master of Tactics is set in the future, just after the discovery of interstellar space travel and involves a race to explore the galaxy, colonise new worlds, and control the galaxy’s strategic resources.

Custom Craft Design,
Tactical Battle System,
Diplomacy (Espionage, Sabotage, Trading)
Random Galaxy Generation,
Deep Technology Tree.

Free to download and play – It has no time limits, and no restrictions. This is offered as a free download. It’s more important to us that people play the game than pay for it! We do hope many of you, once you have played the free game, will pay for the extras and fund its development.

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Updated 05 November 2013
Requires Windows Java
Languages English
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