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The Free Video Converter as the name suggests, converts video and movie files to any other compatible formats. Some of the file types that are supported by the tool are AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, DIVX, etc. The videos may either be from popular websites on the internet or personal ones stored in the users’ system. This freeware is ideal for all those who wish to have a backup for their favourite files on several devices. It even allows users who are always on the move to carry their movies with them at all times. The tool is a comprehensive one since it supports many media players and mobile devices. The number of file types that can be converted between one another is also quite impressive. With a straight forward user interface, the Free Video Converter is ideal for personal as well as professional use. Once it is downloaded and installed onto the system, users can add video files that need converting and change them to formats that are best suited to be played on their respective portable devices. Even a novice will require just a few minutes to operate this useful tool. It is a light weight tool that does not affect the performance of the system. In fact, it can be used as a background program. The Free Video Converter has many other advantages. It allows users to burn CDs and play their videos in the VOB format. The files can be edited to customise the viewing experience. Some of these functions include merging several small files to a large one, cropping videos, resizing them, removing a part of the video from a larger file, etc. All these can be accomplished with just a few clicks. It is absolutely free of cost and highly functional. The absence of any malware is also commendable.

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Updated 10 December 2014
Requires Windows WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, WinVista, WinVista x64
Languages English
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6 comment(s) on “Free Video Converter

  • I have served for what I wanted. I served to convert videos to the format of the iPod Touch. Pros: E management has seemed simple. Cons: None

  • Format for clumsy. It is very practical, comfortable and effective, an easy way to change the format of some video files for different devices. Pros: Very good for free Cons: A little slow

  • One More Opinion. A really good program, I haven’t downloaded it yet, but a friend of mine has it and I liked it a lot. Although there are things that could be improved. greetings to all:) Pros: -EFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS when converting the format of a video. -Easy to use. -It is executed in a practical and easy way. -Easy and uncomplicated installation. Cons: -It can be complicated if you don’t understand the English language. I think that’s the only one against this program can be found.

  • the best in video converters. It is very good when you want to create a dvd or put music to an mp4, you just give it the format you want and that’s it.

  • the best. It is a good player for movies and videos, you can format any type of file, it has a very striking appearance, this very good one is easy and fast. Pros: It has all the basics of a great player. Cons: not fast when formatting.

  • My humble opinion. I think it’s a good program, because there are different formats of videos and cell phones or MP3 / 4 Sometimes do not admit such a video format and with this program you have the chance to change it formally so you can pass it to your cell phone or mp3; )

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