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Convert MOV files to other video formats.

MOV is a great and useful format but in industries like media, a variety of file types is needed. Having converter which converts to a single file type is waste of space. Also, it might slow down your operations. This tool on the other hand is one way ticket to convert your MOV file to absolutely any file type at all. Moreover it is a free product that is easily available. One question which you must be thinking is that why choosing this tool over other? Answer is because this tool is better than others in all ways possible. Its speed is unmatched. It literally converts any files in minutes and sometimes even lesser than a minute. It is almost 3 times faster than that of other similar tools. Its quality of product is also better than all the others. It has all the features loaded to make your experience with this tool good. Its user interface is so friendly that even a novice can use it without a hitch. All the useless applications are removed and the useful ones are boldly added. All the applications are easily found on the screen and it is least bit intimidating. It has some added features to help you out. You are allowed to make your own changes in the output file but also, a default setting is present to help out the inexperienced. If you are well acquainted with this type of applications, you will easily be able to handle to customise your own settings on the product file. It has an option for batch conversions. With the help of the concept of multi-threading, it is now possible to convert multiple files all at a time and the time saved is remarkable. This tool is highly recommended to use.

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Updated 10 December 2014
Requires Windows WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, WinVista, WinVista x64
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