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Predictive Price Analysis to Search Real Estate Sales & Rental property Listings by Price, Size & Location. Embed Free Trend Charts in Any Website. provides real estate data analysis automatically to buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and realtors in order for them to be able to make the right decisions during the various real estate activities:

* Accelerate your home search * Understand the market trends in your favorite cities and buildings * Obtain automatically an estimated purchase price * Get automatically Cap Rates for your current and future investments * Know upfront each property’s monthly expenses * Minimize your risk by selecting higher Return On Investment properties * Find out quickly where you can rent within your budget * Get automatically a property’s estimated rental price * Plan better by knowing how long it takes to rent your property * Stay competitive by offering rental prices that go with the current * Use building market segmentation reports to market better your listings * Integrate easily over 5, 000 market trend charts in your website

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Updated 12 April 2013
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