Chords Maestro

Using this great chords collection, you will be able to play the chords of 7 popular music instruments

7 apps for the price of 2 ! Using this great chords collection, you will be able to play the chords of 7 popular music instruments (piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele etc.), no prior experience needed! The app contains all the necessary chords to play all your favorite songs! All music instruments in the app are interconnected, and this gives the unique ability to transfer the chords from one instrument to another! Take advantage of clear, easy-to-use interface with retina support and learn the basic and advanced chord charts. ChordsMaestro is also available for iPad! Have a lot of fun making music!!! WHAT USERS SAY
* “This is an app you have to have. It is essential for every beginner (we all are) and music lover. ”- jsevillamar from United States

* “This is the best app I have ever seen for putting chords on a sheet.I was searching and finally found what I was looking for!” – Mykindaguy from Belgium

* “ChordMaestro is much more than a chord collection library; it’s like having your own personal musical master chord wizard buddy by your side. Instead of fumbling around for the right chord, ChordMaestro provides a fast, easy, and fun way to identify the perfect harmony for musical compositions. It’s a handy little tool that I plan to launch many, many times. Each chord features a fret-board representation, a real finger position image, staff notes, and sound. It can also transpose. This is an essential app for beginners and music students and an excellent resource for advanced musicians. What makes this app even more unique is the fact that it features several instruments, not just piano and guitar. Thank you, to the developers, for creating such a great app and selling it at a great price!” – Tommy Zai from Chandler

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Updated 18 December 2018
Requires Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Languages English
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Price $17.99
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