Backup & Restore to Disk, DVD, FTP and more.

Windows PC and Server backup of selected files, folders, disks or complete systems to optical disc, external disk, network and local disks, FTP using zip file compression. AISBackup keeps track of all backups including multiple media spanning. Choose the CD/DVD/Blu-ray backup method between the integrated disc writer or a third party interface. Optional features include: Unattended scheduled backups, password protection, test backup, NTFS security settings, NTFS encrypted files, Windows server active directory SQL server etc. Backs up open and locked files, optionally limit backup to recent files. Backup jobs are created by simply clicking the source of backup and destination of backup, selected files may then be fine tuned. AISBackup only physically backs up new and changed files since the previous backup. Restore options include: Complete Windows systems, individual files and folders, ‘right click’ and open from backup or ‘Save as’ from backup and drag and drop files onto Windows Explorer. Comprehensive restore destination and duplicate file options enable disaster recovery or cloning Windows to new drives and partitions. Disk to disk copy (clone) or file and folder synchronize option. You may make AISBackup Restore media or use a compatible Windows set-up DVD (32 bit setup DVD) for disaster recovery restores.

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Updated 29 May 2013
Requires Windows Win98, WinOther, Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, WinServer, WinVista, WinVista x64
Languages English
Categories Utilities
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Price $37.50
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  • After trying many things I stay with AisBackup. . After trying many other utilities, looking for the perfect utility to make backup copies on desktop PC, I finally stay with Asibackup. You can fool the interface a bit, something strange and unusual for your colors, appearance and situation of the menus, etc, but after using it a while you become familiar with you without any problem. From AisBackup would highlight the following aspects: – its great speed to make incremental copies. – Your possibilities of configuration of copies per session (keep old copies of your files that are being deleted automatically when passing the time). – Make copies in standard zip files, and separated (not as many other utilities that create a huge volume file and if you break the goodbye support very good to all files). In this way you can always recover the files even from outside the program itself. – Generates complete logs of each backup, with tree presentation of the added, modified, eliminated, etc., in each session. – File search possibilities when recovering them, presenting all the available sessions of each file, giving the possibility to recover files on previous dates, not just the latest version. – Your price, about 37 dollars for two computers. By setting an example, in my case, I make incremental backup copies every day of about 150,000 files (about 17gb) in three groups of backup copies (documents, work and data SQLSERVER) Total about 3 minutes to make The 3 copies. And so that you can see the flexibility you have to configure the sessions, I explain it as I have it configured: – it retains a maximum of 10 daily backups, that is, on the same day (sometimes I make several manual daily copies by file modification I want to keep) eliminating those that exceed 10 the next day. That is, you can do 15 copies a day and the 5 that are left over eliminates them the next day, very useful. – He retains copies of 60 days ago, that is, you can recover a copy of a file from 2 months ago. – He retains 20 month-end copies, that is, he also saves file copies made at the end of the month ago. This is translated that from 60 days, you no longer have daily versions of the files, but a month, and you can recover up to 20 months ago. In summary, after trying other much more expensive utilities and that invested half an hour to make the incremental copy, or that they generated unique supports (great danger of being corrupted), I have stayed with this utility that I have been using about 3 years without any problem. Pros: – Great speed in incremental copies. – Advanced configuration for sessions. – Copies in separate ZIP files. – Its low price. – an application & quot; Viva & quot; (They take up updates every so often). Cons: – It is only available in English. – You can cheat your a bit unusual interface.

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