Chinese Calendrics

For converting Chinese Calendar dates

Early Mortgage Payoff

Save tens of thousands of $$ on your mortgage


Real Estate Search & Analysis


Time tracking employees love.

eFlip Professional

Convert PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice to Flip...

BillingTracker Pro

Invoicing software for professionals

Simple Property Billing

Billing & accounting of properties & tenants.

Star Quotes/Estimates

Star Quotes/Estimates

FF Inventory Pro Deluxe

Network Inventory and Billing for Windows.

Forecast and Budget Builder Excel

3 year business forecast and 12 month budget.

Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel

Determine optimum pricing and breakeven.

Profit Contribution Breakdown Excel

Profit Contribution Breakdown and analysis.

Business Valuation Model Excel

Business valuation, 3 year investment return.

Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order Software

Blackboard calculator

For home and scientific calculations


XLRISK, a Monte Carlo simulation software

Universal Converter

A useful unit conversion product for Windows.


XLOPTIM, The leading optimization solver


ZENPLOT, the Data Visualization software

Lease Calc Pro

Calculate leases and loans with this program.

The category “Finance” contains the relevant financial apps that help to perform the financial transactions or do the money management using the mobile banking. These apps can also help to do personal financial management for example: to keep the track on money spending or budget, activate the bill or tax reminders and more.